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Past Heartland Talks

School Speaker Support Talk Topic Visit Date
University of Wisconsin- Platteville Nitesh Mathur Daniel J.Wackwitz An Introduction to the Generalized Factorials: Based on the Paper of Manjul Bhargava Fall 2021
Loras College Jenni Good What did J.S. Bach Know About Fractals? Fall 2014
Loras College Morgan Fonley c Amplification and Damping of an Oscillating Streamflow Signal in a River Network Fall 2014
Cornell College c Erin Griesenauer Functions and Continuity: Lies Your Calculus Teacher Told You Fall 2014
Luther College Kevin Gerstle Rolando de Santiago SURPRISE! Generalizations of the Birthday Problem Fall 2014
Truman State University Kevin Gerstle Cristina Runnalls Brownian Motion and HMD-Functions Spring 2014
Wartburg College Kevin Gerstle Rolando de Santiago Brownian Motion and HMD-Functions Spring 2014
Truman State University Rebecca Gasper Andy Mills Math Biology Spring 2013
Central College Jeff Langdren Annette Honken How Google Works Spring 2013
Grinnell College Colin Grove Christine Caples Bridge Position of Knots Spring 2013
Loras College Chris Mooney Katie Benson Algebra: Factorization Spring 2013
UW La Crosse Sam Ferguson Alejandro Samaniego (Applied Mathematics) Spring 2013
Coe College Jessica Williams Annette Honken Emmy Noether and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Fall 2009