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The Chair is responsible for planning and running the monthly MGB meetings as well as any other open meetings the Chair shall call. The Chair has the then power to convene a meeting of the Executive Board, which may be closed to members-at-large. The Chair shall be responsible for the integration of committees into MGB. In the event of a vacant seat on the Executive Board (excepting Chair or vice-chair), the Chair shall appoint a replacement to finish the term. The Chair is the only non-voting member of MGB, but shall cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie.


  • Garrett Mason

Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair is responsible for recording minutes during any open meeting of MGB. These minutes must be distributed to all graduate students within 48 hours. The Vice-Chair is also tasked with recording and sharing minutes from Executive Board meetings within the same time frame. In the event of the Chair’s temporary incapacity or illness, the Vice-Chair shall assume the Chair’s responsibilities and may appoint a temporary Vice-Chair if necessary. Additionally, the Vice-Chair of MGB presides over the Travel Funding Committee, which involves organizing committee meetings, posting funding announcements, and overseeing the committee’s general operations.


  • Adriana Fernandez I Quero    

GAUSS Co-Chairs

GAUSS (Graduate and Undergraduate Student Seminar) is a weekly lecture series by, for, and catering to the interests of mathematics graduate students and undergraduate mathematics majors. The chairs of the committee shall organize a schedule of weekly colloquia fitting these requirements. Choice of speakers and topics is at the discretion of the chairs, but should be informed by the desires of students. GAUSS talks shall be publicized via email to math faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates; the seminars shall also be listed in the department’s weekly schedule of talks.


  • Dylan M. Johnson
  • Yilin Zhu



  • Adriana Fernandez I Quero
  • Parker D Evans
  • Paria Karimi Kousalari

Graduate Liaison


  • Elise Askelsen

Heartland Liaison


  • Eddie White

International Liaison

The International Student Liaison shall be responsible for representing the needs and concerns of international graduate students in UI Math. The Liaison will be familiar with visa procedures, English-proficiency testing, and other issues of specific concern to students of other nationalities. The Liaison shall be concerned with integrating international graduate students into the social and intellectual fabric of the department.


  • Nikita Kapur

Editors Sum-Times

The Newsletter Committee puts together a monthly newsletter intended for the graduate students. The newsletter will inform students about current news and upcoming events while also providing general information about the graduate student experience. The chairs are responsible for coordinating the newsletter; they may delegate any amount of writing, photography, editing, layout, distribution, and any other tasks. The finished newsletter is distributed to graduate students, postdocs, and faculty; copies for undergraduates are made available in Muhly Lounge, and the file will be available on the department web page.


  • Jessa Rhea
  • Margarita Bustos Gonzalez

Social Co-Chairs

The Social Committee oversees the semi-annual department picnics, securing funding from the Department and promoting the events. Other social activities may be organized at the discretion of the (co)-chairs


  • Jacob Van Grinsven
  • Kitrick L Fynaardt

Travel Funding Committee


  • Matthew L Barber
  • Dylan M Johnson
  • Javier Flores Arjona
  • Hemanth Kumar


The Webmaster oversees MGB electronic communications, including but not limited to news and promotion of social events via the website, OrgSync, and social networks (e.g. Facebook).


  • Joe Starr