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(unofficial) UIowa Beamer Theme Released

Exciting News: Introducing the UIowa Beamer Theme!

Thanks to the contributions of Alex Polenberg and Ethan Rooke the initial release of this beamer theme is ready for public consumption! This theme has been designed with the University of Iowa community in mind, and we are thrilled to share it with you.

Here are the key features of the UIowa Beamer theme:

  1. Iowa Branding: The theme incorporates the official University of Iowa colors and logo, ensuring that your presentation aligns with the university’s visual identity. This consistency reinforces your affiliation with UIowa and adds a professional touch to your work. Embrace the power of conformity!

  2. Easy-to-Use: We understand that time is precious, so we have designed the Beamer theme to be user-friendly. With an overleaf template ready to go, if you already know how to use beamer your presentations can become on-brand masterpieces in seconds. Hail corporate.

During its development, the UIowa Beamer theme proved its mettle by being used to successfully defend a thesis! However, we understand that there may still be some undiscovered issues or stylistic oversights lurking in the shadows. If you happen to stumble upon anything that doesn’t look quite right, we encourage you to unleash your feedback and open an issue on our GitHub page. Together, let’s make this theme even more ok!

To access the UIowa Beamer theme and start creating your own branded presentations, simply follow the link below. Download the theme and discover how you too can become a walking billboard for your alma mater.


University of Iowa themed beamer presentations (unofficial)